Deadmau5’s Lamborghini Huracan Is all About the Details

Deadmau5’s Lamborghini Huracan Is all About the Details 3 photos
Photo: Sekanskin on Instagram
Deadmau5’s Lamborghini Huracan Is all About the DetailsDeadmau5’s Lamborghini Huracan Is all About the Details
You can buy a new car and still have no idea of what driving is all about. You can be fully loaded, yet have no clue about the difference between a Huracan and an Aventador, for instance. Or you can be a person who both affords the most expensive vehicles on the market and knows a thing or two about mechanics.
And finally, you can be someone like Deadmau5. Considering we know you guys are not here to discuss electronic music and how some DJs manage to mix the hell out of these tunes, we’re going to stick to car related stuff. Joel Zimmerman on his real name is a frequent guest on autoevolution’s lands, and it’s for a good reason.

Aside from his popularity among the enthusiasts of the genre, Deadmau5 is also a funny car person. Not only does he take his million-dollar auto fleet to the extreme (he drifted a McLaren P1 in the desert), but the artist is also mad about tuning them. The latest vehicle in the works is none other than Lamborghini’s Huracan. There’s a funny story about it, though.

A long story

You see, Zimmerman used to own a Ferrari 458 he’d drive everywhere. He even won the Spirit of Gumball 3000 with the Prancing Horse, once. The problem was, the Italians didn’t quite like the vehicle’s Nyan Cat wrap, so they sent him a letter of desisting. He was legally obliged to lose the cover, because they were interfering with the company’s emblems. Next thing you know, the guy sells the car.

The cat-themed wrap goes deep with this supercar lover, though, which is why Deadmau5 is now customizing his Huracan with a similar inspiration. He calls it Nyanborghini Purracan, a particular branding you’ll observe in the details.

He asked the custom shop to mark these words on the brake calipers and the door entry sill. For what we know, he could have done similar things to other parts of the supercar too. Either way, we like how the car looks so far.
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