Deadmau5 Thinking About Wrapping His Ferrari in Nyan Cat Theme

Deadmau5' Nyan Cat Ferrari 3 photos
Photo: Deadmau5 via Instagram
Deadmau5' Nyan Cat FerrariDeadmau5' Nyan Cat Ferrari
It was about time someone would say “No more Hello Kitty car themes!” and come with something new.
We mean, this character created for preadolescent girls can already be found on too many things, from clothing accessories and school supplies, to luxury items and even Airbus planes. It’s too much to have it on cars too. And if you search it in that little text box at the top of this page, you’ll find a whole collection of vehicles that have been Hello Kitty-fied.

However, world famous DJ Deadmau5 recently posted some renderings on his Instagram page, picturing a Ferrari 458 Spider wearing another cat-related iconic character - the Nyan Cat.

Nyan Cat is gaining up on Hello Kitty since it was first posted on Youtube in 2011. The pop-tart bodied kitty randomly traveling through space leaving a rainbow trail behind it quickly became popular due to its catchy background song, retro-gaming visuals and the pure wackiness behind its random concept.

The first Nyan Cat video uploaded on Youtube has reached over 103 million views now and there is also a hardcore 10-hour-long version for those who want to test their endurance. The thing is starting to expand to a mini culture as more pop-tart-rainbow-tracing animals are starting to appear on the Internet and there are also a few Flash games with this crazy kitty.

So yeah, Deadmau5, if you thought wrapping your Ferrari in a Nyan Cat theme, please go ahead and stop the Hello Kitty-mania. We don’t care if it will have pink brake calipers...

Story via Zero 2 Turbo
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