Deadmau5 and Pharrell Go for Coffee in Ferrari

Ever seen one of those "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" videos by Jerry Seinfeld. They're nice if you're a fan of his shows, but most of the guys on there are kind of… old. This, right here, is where it's at… if you'll excuse my fake ghetto language.
Deadmau5 and Pharrell Go for Coffee in Ferrari 1 photo
World famous electronic music guru Deadmau5 has a new web series on his channel about getting coffee with the hottest of hot names in music. Our favorite has to be this one, featuring Pharrell.

Despite the cold, drizzly weather, the conversation gets heated up. Apparently, Deadmau5 hates McLarens and especially Lamborghinis because he says they're wannabe Ferraris. Well… he would, since he bought a 458. They also touch up on cool subjects like retro games only 80s kids would know about… 16-bit stuff.

We don't want to spoil anything for you guys… except maybe the fact that Pharrell is actually 40 years old. Can you believe it?

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