Deadmau5 Actually Has Love for Porsche Too, Owns a 911 Carrera S Cabrio

Deadmau5's Porsche 911 1 photo
Photo: Deadmau5 on Twitter
Deadmau5 is famous for his Ferrari 458 he covered in Nyan Cat livery and for the McLaren 650 S he recently rode people in Toronto as a Uber driver. But as opposed to what everybody thought, the Canadian DJ just revealed he also shares love for Porsche, so he showed fans on Twitter a picture of his own 911 Carrera S. It even has a name, like the Purrari used to have.
With his new songs off the upcoming While(1<2) album hitting the market, Joel Zimmerman on his real name has been keeping things pretty busy on social media, as well. Entertaining his fans, yet always pulling crazy pranks on people is what this guy does. So, the other night he started chit-chatting on Twitter about his other passion, which is cars.

Now, we already told you the whole story of Deadmau5 getting in some PR scandal with Ferrari, after the Italians officially asked the DJ to remove the Nyan Cat wrap off his Ferrari 458 he used to call Purrari. Will also wrote about his beautiful McLaren 650 S he recently used as a Uber driver, getting people around Toronto for free and for fun. But who would have thought the Canadian DJ also owns a Porsche.

So the other night, he was tweeting with fans about cars. One lead to the other and Zimmerman ended up confessing he’s actually part of the Porsche drivers club. In fact, his Porsche 911 Carrera S Cabrio even has it’s own nickname. Deadmau5 calls it GLaDOS, which stands for Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System. Wait, what? Oh, the fictionally artificially intelligent computer system and the main antagonist of Portal game, that is.

Anyway, this is just a nickname the DJ found for his sportscar, because if you’ll take a closer look you’ll see that the license plate reads “Failbait.” And this name stands for one of Deadmau5’s big hits. Featuring Cypress Hill, the song became the soundtrack of Fast and Furious 6 movie and is still one of the most famous ones on the market.
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