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Dead 1974 BMW R90/6 Becomes the Ultra-Hot Hustler

Not all the forgotten, neglected bikes get a second chance, and many of them rust and fade away into oblivion, in deserted barns, leaning against trees in the backyard of old manors and farms. However, some of them are truly lucky, and live to enjoy the sweet taste of glory once more. And the Hustler's story is one of the happy-ending ones...
1974 BMW R90/6 Hustler 6 photos
1974 BMW R90/6 Hustler1974 BMW R90/6 Hustler1974 BMW R90/6 Hustler1974 BMW R90/6 Hustler1974 BMW R90/6 Hustler
The actual Hustler is an 1974 BMW R90/6 who was pretty much "dead"when Donovan Muller got his hands on it. Water in the cylinders caused them to jam against the rusted walls, and rust affected the tank, too.

Both carburetors were calcified, the fenders were missing, just like the gauges, and the seat was destroyed. Instead of despairing, South Africa-based Donovan thought this was an awesome challenge.

And since he had been tinkering for more than 15 years in his father's BMW and adventure motorcycles Cytech workshop, the road to follow was clear.

The engine was overhauled completely, with all the bad parts replaced and performance brought up to spec. The cylinder cases got a sweet coat of two-tone paint to match the bright orange frame. The OEM airbox was kept in place, though a K&N filter was added, alongside a smaller, lighter battery.

Since a new custom seat was needed, Donovan shortened the subframe, relocated the black-sprung rear shocks, powder coated the hubs and rims, and re-laced the wheels with stainless steel spokes.

A high-gloss Midnight Black paint now covers the tank, with matching bright orange pinstripes. And with the slash-but exhausts to add even more grunt and throaty tone, the Hustler is now rolling one more time.

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