Daymak Is Selling the Skyrider LEV Because “We Are All Meant to Fly”

Daymak Skyrider, the flying car that will presumably start deliveries in 2025 5 photos
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Daymak Skyrider, the flying car that will presumably start deliveries in 2025Daymak Skyrider, the flying car that will presumably start deliveries in 2025Daymak Skyrider, the flying car that will presumably start deliveries in 2025Daymak Skyrider, the flying car that will presumably start deliveries in 2025
It’s long been made clear that flying taxis are just not going to happen sooner than in a five-year frame, but if you want to feel like you own one already (sort of), know that you can pre-order yours from Daymak. Today.
Daymak is a Canadian company making, among other things, the Beast e-scooter, the original version of which came with solar panels on top of the battery for a little bit more juice for the daily commute. Version 2.0 of the Beast is a blend of commuter two-wheeler and offroad scooter, sans those solar panels.

Days ago, Daymak launched a new lineup of products, ranging from e-bikes to an actual electric car and, why yes, a flying car (hat tip to Electrek). It’s called Avvenire (which means “future” in Italian, FYI), and it comprises six light electric vehicles (LEVs) meant to redefine and shape the future of urban mobility. Skyrider is the flying car, and we’re focusing on it because it’s the most far-fetched concept in there.

To be sure, these are just concepts – renders, to be more exact. Daymak says it’s working toward making them real, so they’re more of a statement on future goals than actual products – except that they’re being sold as actual products. The Skyrider, for one, is an “elegant and high-performance electric vehicle capable of flying,” the company says. “No traffic, no cars, no pollution. The future flies well.”

If only it were that easy.

Daymak also says that “we are all destined to fly,” which goes against what most recent developments in the field of flying taxis/eVTOLs have shown. We’re definitely burning (collectively but not literally) to have these flying taxis functional, but progress has been slow. And even once the machines are completed and fully approved for passenger use, there’s still the issue of the lack of a proper infrastructure. To put it differently, it feels rushed and silly to be offering pre-orders for a flying car, even if it’s for a 2025 delivery, when it only exists on paper.

Speaking of paper, here’s what Skyrider brings to the table, as per Daymak. This flying car has 250 horsepower and delivers a range of up to 100 km (62 miles), which is perhaps the most ridiculous part. You have mid-range e-bikes that deliver this kind of range today, but you’re selling a car of the future with comparable performance. Even as a personal vehicle (meaning, not for ride-sharing), this is too little to keep that dreaded range anxiety at bay.

Skyrider is powered by a battery of up to 100 kWh and theoretically travels at speeds of up to 300 kph (186 mph). It won’t get very far, but at least it will get halfway there in a speedy manner.

“Imagine a future where there are no roads, no traffic, no pollution, commute to your work in minutes, fully autonomous fly from point A to point B. This is our dream and we are going to develop it,” Daymak says.

The company further points out that the Avvenire line will create 500 new jobs in the Cleantech industry in Canada, in addition to pushing for clean micro-mobility. Again, all this is amazing stuff and, given Daymak’s presence on the market for close to two decades, it feels genuine that they’re focusing on branching out and ultimately eliminating our reliance on fossil fuels.

On the other hand, there is that nagging feeling that they’re selling vaporware. Because that’s what this is right now.

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