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Dax Shepard Shows His Appreciation to His Lincoln Continental, He's Had It for 27 Years

There are many things to say about Dax Shepard. But one of his hobbies involves cars and he’s had quite a lot of them. But one that is a constant in his life is this 1967 Lincoln Continental he’s had for 27 years.
Dax Shepard's Lincoln Continental 6 photos
Dax Shepard's Lincoln ContinentalDax Shepard's Lincoln ContinentalDax Shepard's Lincoln ContinentalDax Shepard's Lincoln ContinentalDax Shepard's Lincoln Continental
Dax Shepard is an actor, comedian, director, and podcast host. He has hosted Armchair Expert since 2018, where he interviews fellow celebrities about their lives. In 2021, he was also the host of Top Gear America. He’s married to Kristen Bell, and they share two children, Delta and Lincoln. Yes, you read that right: Lincoln.

In an interview, Bell once revealed: “He (Dax) always wanted his first to be named Lincoln and so we got lazy when we found out she was a girl and say, ‘Hey, why not Lincoln?'

The actor's love for cars, and especially for American brands, goes way back, as his father sold Ford cars for a living and his mother was a fleet manager for General Motors.

In his most recent post on Instagram, Shepard shared a picture of himself leaning against his 1967 Lincoln Continental, which often makes appearances on his social media. And, as he shared his appreciation for Netflix, having attended the Netflix Is a Joke Festival, he also showed his love for his Continental. The actor wrote: “thanks to the trusty steed that’s been carting my ass around LA for 27 years. We been some places Gurl!” He added that his wife, Kristen Bell, took the picture.

The car is no stranger to Shepard’s fans, who were delighted to see it in his film, Hit and Run, where he co-stars with Bell. The actor had used the classic as the main car in the movie and did his own stunts with it.

Since he’s had it for such a long time, the Continental has seen quite a lot of tuning and customization. It is now powered by an 8.4-liter (514 ci) Ford Crate V8 engine with fuel injection, mated with a C6 automatic transmission. The model also features coil-over suspension and Wilwood disc brakes. In the past, he called it a “very badass car,” which is probably why, 27 years later, it’s still among his favorites.


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