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David Grabs Goliath by His Short and Curlies in This Quirky Motorcycle Drag Race

Today’s exhibit matches two motorcycles against each other but the scale heavily tipped into one of our participants’ favor.
125cc VS 1000cc Showdown  7 photos
125cc VS 1000cc Showdown125cc VS 1000cc Showdown125cc VS 1000cc Showdown125cc VS 1000cc Showdown125cc VS 1000cc Showdown125cc VS 1000cc Showdown
On one side, we have a 1000cc Suzuki GSX-R. The more astute of you might hear the name and immediately think about Suzuki’s racing heritage, and you would be absolutely correct. The differences between what Suzuki uses on the track and what they sell to their customers are more related to meeting regulations than anything else, with their capabilities being very similar.

The opponent it gets pitted against has a meager displacement of 125cc, which looks more like a bicycle than anything else, and the race gives the feeling of a rigged boxing match. However, our two-stroke hero has an ace up his sleeve, it is a fully purpose-built drag racer, and I suspect the rider was heavier than the entire bike.

The prep stage of the drag race is absolutely hilarious, with the 125cc bike repeatedly launching for a short distance to lay rubber and warm up its tires, then being pulled back by an assistant to go again. This whole scenario looks more as if the assistant is a kid who is winding up his toy bike to launch it down a Hot Wheels track rather than a serious race.

However, when push comes to shove and the drag race is set to start, the 125cc drag bike completely bolts off the line so fast that you’ll have to rewind the clip if you happen to blink. With the GSX-R rider struggling to put down the power and popping a wheelie trying to accelerate as fast as possible, the “toy bike” takes the cake and absolutely wipes the floor with the street bike.

Everybody in the audience seems to be completely bewildered by the result, which I am guessing is a natural reaction to have. Even if you expected the 125cc to win this race, nobody could have foreseen it would be such a humiliating and devastating defeat for the GSX-R.

All in all I think there is a lesson here to never underestimate your opponent, but we’re here to laugh, not to learn, and this clip is guaranteed to provide at least some giggles.


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