Datsun 240Z Gets Modern Redesign From YouTube Artist, Looks Like a Restomod

YouTube Artist Attempts to Redesign Datsun 240Z 4 photos
Photo: TheSketchMonkey/YouTube screenshot
YouTube Artist Attempts to Redesign Datsun 240ZYouTube Artist Attempts to Redesign Datsun 240ZYouTube Artist Attempts to Redesign Datsun 240Z
After years of rumors and speculation, we finally have a firm promise from Nissan to bring the 240Z into the modern era. However, the Z Proto is just a little too sporty for some, which is why we propose looking into a redesign of the original Z by YouTuber TheSketchMonkey. Can he better preserve the spirit of the car?
The Datsun 240Z is a Japanese sports car design that began a dynasty of cool-looking imports. Yet its successors lack that timeless quality, which means that, just like in the case of the Mk1 Mustang, you have to keep a lot of the original features in any digital redesign.

However, many of the decorative chrome features are destined to be removed or modernized, as is the case with badges, mirrors, and handles. And for the taillights, it seems the artist thinks the 240Z doesn't give off the right retro vibes, as his replacement unit is a single rectangle, perhaps inspired by the 1980s or the Porsches he seems to enjoy so much.

Further modern features include the diffuser with integrated twin exhaust, side skirts, and oversized multi-spoke alloys. But even with these changes, the 240Z looks more like a restomod version of itself than the Z Proto. Another interesting thing we took away from this video is that TheSketchMonkey believes we're going into a minimalist era of car design where new models aren't as crazy and reduce the number of purely esthetic grilles or vents.

The latest news from Nissan is that the sports car we believe to be called the 400Z will handle like a "dance partner." This info comes straight from chief product specialist Hiroshi Tamura, who's nicknamed Mr. GT-R for his involvement with the R35. Sounds fun, and with the VR30DDTT twin-turbo V6 engine under the hood, we could have 400 horsepower and easy mods on the table.

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