Darwin Awards for This Idiot Russian Rider

Darwin Awards for This Idiot Russian Rider 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak
We have one more candidate for the Darwin Awards 2014. He comes from Russia, and is an extremely fast biker, at least until he crashes like a complete idiot into the cars in front of him. He still has to perform way better, as it looks like his utter stupidity was not enough to provide him with very severe injuries or death and thus qualify him for the final, but still, the guys has potential.
Watching such footage never gets old, honestly. Seeing people being appallingly stupid exerts a mysterious fascination, and I guess psychologists already have the matter well documented. What’s even more mysterious is seeing that such morons walk away from these crashes, with many of them most likely bragging on their “stunt”.

Now, that fact that this is not the smartest fellow in Sank Petersburg is beyond doubt, but how silly must he be to even upload the video on the internet? Truth be told, live would be less funny without these fellows.

However, seeing fellow riders acting so mindlessly feels a bit disheartening. They cast a very bad light on the riding community, a community which is not exactly enjoying the highest respect in certain parts of the world. Unfortunately their role is limited to that of negative example to be taught to our youngsters: “Seen this idiot? Don’t do what he did, please!”

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