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Dark Knight Trilogy’s Batpod Motorcycle Is Up for Auction

If you saw the latest Batman movies, you know the Batpod is the coolest two-wheeled vehicle money can buy. And that’s because the Batpod is now up for auction so you might want to make room for it into your garage if you’re willing to spend something like a quintuple digit sum on the machine.
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Batman's Batpod for saleBatman's Batpod for saleBatman's Batpod for saleBatman's Batpod for sale
The Batpod was conceived by Christopher Nolan and production designer Nathan Crowley, being used by Batman (Christian Bale) to escape his Tumbler in The Dark Knight after the Joker (Heath Ledger) fired a rocket and destroyed the tank.

Made to be ridden in a prone position, the Batpod is steered using the rider’s arms and shoulders. Six units were made for the Trilogy, most of them being driven by stunt rider Jean-Pierre Goy during filming, and were also used for numerous other events to promote the movie series.

As described by PropStore, “this incredible vehicle features a custom-made chassis with 31" Hoosier racing tires and a Honda 750 engine. Fiberglass body panels finished in metallic gray paint cover the bike's engine and handlebars. A pair of cannon barrels made of plastic, resin and fiberglass, are secured at the front of the vehicle, and a laser targeting unit is fitted above the right-hand grip. A radiator and hydraulics are fitted behind the saddle, and the braking system is operated by controls on the left handle and the right pedal. Black foam padding is installed on the body, saddle and knee rests for comfort whilst riding.”

The website also tells the vehicle is in good condition, with only minor wear marks showing on body panels and some light corrosion formed on the chassis. The Batpod comes with a Warner Bros. certificate of authenticity, but it is sold as a non-functional ‘rolling only’ condition, having all fluids, battery, fuel tank and throttle controls removed.

However, for an estimated price of £60.000 - £80.000 (€70.760 - €94.350 or $79.760 - $106.350) and a bit of mechanical knowledge, you’ll be able to ride your own Batpod to the next Comic-Con event.


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