Damjan Stankovic Invents Eco Traffic Light

As everything goes greener, most new cars have a Stop-and-Go system which automatically kills the engine when the car doesn’t move and restarts it when you depress the clutch pedal in order to put the car in first gear.

As this turned out to be a great way to lower your consumption, Mr Damjan Stankovic probably decided to invent a system that would work on older cars. So he invented the Eco traffic light, which shows you how much time you have until the light goes green. And according to recent studies, if you have more than 20 seconds, you should stop your engine, because that is more fuel efficient.

This might sound like a good idea, but it has a few major flaws. First of all, this is not a breakthrough, as traffic lights which show you how much time is left of a certain traffic light color have been around for some time.

So the only way we could call this “new” is if we consider the fact that it does not need an additional timer to show you how much time is left, as the timer is integrated in the traffic light.

The second major flaw is that people hate turning off their engines. This turns off the air conditioning, the heating and in some cars, it also turns off the radio. So there’s not much to do for the one-and-a-half minute you’re saving the planet.
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