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Dad Gets a Harley-Davidson For Christmas, Thinks It’s A Big Joke

I don’t care how many cool bike related accessories, books, and T-shirts you can find, the biggest, greatest gift for a motorcyclist is a new machine to ride on. A used one will do as well, but take him/her to the dealership and point at one there saying “that’s yours”, and you just proved that guy/girl that heaven is here on Earth.
Dad gets Harley Davidson for Christmas 1 photo
Of course, you’ll have to be a very special person to get a new bike for Christmas, and it looks like this dad met all the requirements as his daughter just surprised him with a new Harley-Davidson cruiser just in time for the holidays, and his reaction is priceless.

According to the description, the man owned Harleys for about 20 years and sold his last one about seven years ago. So after all this time, his daughter and wife decided to give him a big present - a brand new H-D Heritage Softail Classic.

It reminds me about that Life With Louie episode when they all get Andy a new Rambler, only that this dad is in huge denial for about five solid minutes, despite people in the dealership assuring him the machine belongs to him.

He appears very modest and continues to believe it’s some kind of joke until they show him the paperwork with his name on it, after which he almost remains speechless.

By the looks of it, that is the biggest gift he has ever gotten, and he’s really lucky having such a caring daughter. I bet she really put some effort into raising the money for such a bike.

You can watch the whole event in the video below, and if you’re one of my relatives/friends, you should know I can be as happy with a cheaper Sportster. Just saying...


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