Dacia Lodgy Stepway Turned into the 6x6 Truck It Was Never Meant to Be

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Photo: SRK Designs via Instagram
You won't hear Renault admit it, but the Dacia Lodgy was a bit of a failure in terms of sales despite probably offering the most amount of room for the lowest price on the market.
The MPV sold under the Romanian brand in most markets didn't take any wrong steps, but it came at a time when this type of vehicle wasn't exactly in high demand. With SUVs taking over pretty much every segment, the somewhat similar one of the family cars was among the first to go, meaning the Lodgy never go to fulfill its full potential.

To be entirely fair, Dacia's MPV had one more thing that wasn't really going for it: its exterior design. Nobody expects excitement from a vehicle that's supposed to be the embodiment of practicality, but the Lodgy took that a little too seriously. Similar models from other brands at least tried to add some whistles and bells, whereas Dacia's offering was as bland as a white t-shirt.

The Stepway version did spice things up a little, but it was probably too little, too late. Like with all the other models that had it before - the Sandero, Logan, and Dokker - the Stepway trim added some roof bars, dark plastic panels, a "Stepway" decal on the side of the vehicle, and the choice for a special blue color that couldn't be had otherwise. Of course, it all came at a cost, and since the price is very important for a Dacia customer, out of the few Lodgy MPVs you'd see on the street, even fewer had the Stepway trim.

However, the Stepway version is definitely the right starting point for the conversion these guys had in mind. For reasons known only to them, they decided to take the aging Lodgy (the model was launched in 2012) and turn it into a 6x6 pickup truck. Not the type of transformation you're ever likely to see in the real world, but one cool project for somebody with decent Photoshop skills.

The video below shows the entire process, step by step, albeit sped up to fit into a ten-minute-long video. The benign-looking MPV ends up with the kind of menacing allure you would expect from a 6x6 truck, though it could be argued that the same thing would happen with any other model if you added an extra set of wheels. If anyone who can do it is reading this, we'd like to put a challenge out there: make a 6x6 pickup truck out of a smart fortwo and send it in, we'd be happy to cover it.

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