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Dacia Duster Pick-Up Is the Real Oroch Counterpart, But Only at Home in Romania

The Romanian automaker, part of the worldwide-reaching Groupe Renault, has been on a roll these past weeks. Dacia revealed the third generation of the Logan, Sandero, and Stepway series at the end of September and about two weeks later followed suite with its first-ever electric vehicle, the Spring. Now it’s refocusing its attention towards its home market, presenting the Duster Pick-Up.
2021 Dacia Duster Pick-Up 101 photos
2021 Dacia Duster Pick-Up Romturingia2021 Dacia Duster Pick-Up Romturingia2021 Dacia Duster Pick-Up Romturingia
We already know the Logan and Sandero production will move to Morocco and the Spring is rumored to come directly from the same factory in China, where Renault builds the DNA-matching City K-ZE. But other models will remain firmly on the Old Continent, some even confined to Dacia’s own home market of Romania.

Case in point, the new Duster Pick-Up. The latest version has been developed locally, alongside Romturingia – a specialized coachbuilder that has ample experience with this type of conversion. It will become available in Romania starting October 22nd and its most alluring technical specifications have to do with the newly added bed.

The latter is 1.65 meters (65 in.) long, and was designed in place of the rear hatch and a couple of doors with a payload capacity of 500 kg (1,102 lbs.) - otherwise the model is dimensionally the same as any stock, 4x4, Duster.

Many fans of the brand might be expecting a sporty derivative of one of the models in the lineup, but the Duster Pick-Up certainly doesn’t fit the bill, even though it has been left with just two doors. As such, we can’t even say it’s a Renault Duster Oroch competitor... but we kind of like the styling better on the Dacia model, nonetheless.

The composite materials tailgate fits the design quite well, and the bare-bones aesthetics is complimented by the Blanc Glacier exterior hue and 16-inch alloys. Up front, the Duster Pick-Up is equipped with Renault’s tried and trusty Blue dCi turbodiesel in the 115 hp version. At home in Romania, pricing kicks off at 22.546 euros ($26,748).

Editor's note: We have also added pictures of the regular Dacia Duster to the gallery.

 Download: Dacia Duster Pick-Up (PDF)


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