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Dacia Celebrates Excellent 2013 Sales Figures in the UK

2013 was a good year for Dacia especially in the UK, wher retailers managed to sell quite a lot of models, even outselling brands such as Volvo and Mazda. It was all thanks to their stars vehicles, the Duster and Sandero.
Dacia Duster 1 photo
Due to the low price and spacious interior, Dacia’s family SUV came to be a success and paying less than GBD 10,000 seemed just right for British drivers. Besides this, a brand new supermini for GBD 7,000 was a bargain as the car offered some pretty nice features. So, with the help of their “Dacia don’t do frivolity. You Do The Maths” campaign, the parent company Renault managed to have customers queueing up to showrooms.

Other companies and their brand new vehicles were of no match for the “shockingly affordable” vehicles that boasted 5,000 orders within just eight weeks of their arrival.

Dacia’s success didn’t go unnoticed and the Duster model managed to receive the overall Scottish Car of the Year trophy while the Sandero got the “Best Budget Car,” a few months after the Duster. Of course, the guys from Dacia didn’t stop there and brought the Sandero Stepway which sold 3,770 models soon after it’s May launch.

With such a great 2013, the Renault group plans on scoring even better sales figures in 2014.


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