Czech Officer Shows Skillful Driving, Catches Runaway Rider

While definitely not advocacing disobeying a police officer asking you to stop, we just have to say: if you're deciding to run, then make damn sure you also get away!
Here's some motorcycle rider, in the wrong lane with no number plates, not stopping as the police give chase, and trying to flee from a busy urban area to the highway. He seems to be driving a street bike in the 600cc or even in the liter class, so it's quite unclear how come the police were still on his tail, as these bikes can be extremely fast when ridden well.

Two things are clear, though: first of all, our Ghost Rider-wannabe can't drive too fast and watching the Matrix Ducati scene thousands of times doesn't seem to have improved riding. The second thing is that the police office driving the car knows his job quite well, and the vehicle even better.

We'll leave you to judging just how many times could the guy brake hard and turn away for another lane then ride for his life... if he were a better rider, then escaping the police would have been easy. What puzzles us is his lack of sense: if you want to run away, why pick the highway, where you don't have any chance, never did and never will (unless you're Ghost Rider)?
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