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Slovakian Flying Car to Reach the Market in 2017, Future Models Will Be Autonomous

Ever since self-driving cars have been getting all the attention in the industry it seems like there’s not much appreciation for other innovations left. Sure, that’s only an illusion since projects like Flying AeroMobil are going forward full throttle. The Czech Slovakian company’s CEO Juraj Vaculik recently stated that they are planning to start commercially producing their half car/half plain vehicle in 2017.
AeroMobil 3.0 1 photo
AeroMobil’s representative was one of the people present at this year’s South by Southwest event. Taking place every year in mid-March in Austin, Texas, the SXSW is a set of film, interactive and music festivals and conferences. Fostering creative and professional growth alike, it’s one of the most popular destinations for discovery in the US so it’s no wonder the flying car was present.

About their latest model we have been writing before. More precisely, the company is currently improving the 3.0 model, a half car/ half aircraft mostly built from advanced composite materials, which includes its body shell, wings, and wheels.

As we reported last year, the main purpose of their latest prototype is to have the vehicle certified for use on roads and airspace in European Union. According to The Verge, that is one of the things the company’s CEO also pointed out during his speech. Vaculik believes the real solution to make commuting easier and faster is in fact a vehicle that is able to both drive fast and efficiently, and fly when the traffic is jammed. The future could be about self-driving flying cars
The CEO of AeroMobil sees large grass strips being built next to freeways and gas stations in the near future, where the flying car would be able to land. This of course implies some agreements mainly obtained from the local authorities and we all know how that usually plays out. The problem of regulations is still the main setback around the vehicle, but Vaculik said his car will fit into pre-existing categories for both planes and cars. This does mean any driver of the future car will also need to be a licensed pilot.

Possibly one of the most important things the Slovakian businessman announced in Austin is the fact that AeroMobil will soon enough start testing autonomous features too, as they want the flying car to also drive/fly itself in the future.

How about that for future commuting? Unfortunately he also pointed out we’re most likely looking at a high-class product that will cost a “couple of hundred thousand” euro.

You’d better start saving!


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