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Cyrusher XF900 Is a Beefy and Affordable E-bike Fit For the Worldwide Bike Scene
It would seem that 2020 has seen one of the biggest explosions in e-bike production, maybe ever. Due to the global health crisis, the need for singular passenger vehicles has become a staple of many societies. Even if the world health issue didn’t pop up, I still have my money down on this growth happening sooner or later.

Cyrusher XF900 Is a Beefy and Affordable E-bike Fit For the Worldwide Bike Scene

One of the companies to ride this wave has been Cyrusher. They have made a name for themselves all over the globe and have been selling e-bikes on the world market since 2015. their newest addition is called the XF900.

But with so many e-bikes around, what makes this one worthy of bringing to your attention? Well, we can start off by saying that Cyrusher is most known for building affordable e-bikes. And not just affordable ones that you’ll replace next year. No, they have even started their own cult gathering and you’ll see why.

For starters, her design is made to mimic that of motorcycles, but I feel she didn’t quite make it that far. Nonetheless, she still has a few features to give her plenty of bang for her buck. She isn’t different than most other e-bikes in that she is composed of an aluminum frame to offer as high a durability as possible while reducing weight.

What differs on the XF900 is that she is a full suspension ride. Unlike other seemingly all-around e-bikes, the XF900 includes a spring rear suspension that can take a beating of 750 lbs (340 kg). Other bikes of this sort don’t offer a rear suspension as you tend to lose pedal power when a rear suspension is in place. For example, bike giant Specialized knows this.

Another part of the suspension, and the one that would hint at motorcycle design, is the front fork. But we don’t have much info on that, leading me to believe it’s mostly for design purposes. I’m not saying it doesn’t have any suspension capabilities, I'm just not sure it very practical, efficient, or even necessary for a bike like this. Even a double suspension seat is thrown into the mix.

Being an e-bike, we are sure to find a motor and battery somewhere. Well, I can’t say that you’ll miss the battery when you first see this machine. I mean it’s jutting out of that down-tube like an overly packed lunchbox. That lunchbox is actually a lithium ion battery with 48V and a max output of 17Ah. As big as it may seem, she can only run for a max 32-mile (50 km) trip. She then takes up to 6 hours to charge back to full blast.

At least she comes equipped with a Bafang motor. This powerhouse pumps out 750W steadily with peaks of 1500W and can push you along at 15-31 mph (24-49 kph). At least this much. But such speeds clearly aren’t meant for mountain biking, so that rear suspension could have been eliminated. But hey, it’s not my company.

In addition to the basics, we can also find a few more bonuses on the bike. Hydraulic Tektro braking systems lock onto 180mm disk rotors and offer enough stopping power suitable for that over 30mph top speed. To show you battery levels, ride time, distance, and speed, the XF comes equipped with a 3.7-inch LCD screen. And of course, the never-missing Shimano 21-speed shifting system in case you misjudge how much battery power you have left.

Sure, she may not include the best of the best, but then again, for $2,800, we can’t expect something like the Trance X.


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