Cyclists Hit an Invisible Wall, the Wind Hilariously Stops Them in Their Tracks

In our immense vanity, we tend to forget we’re only guests on this Earth. Not very well behaved ones, I might add, but that’s another matter. Fortunately, mother nature takes the time once in a while to remind us how puny we really are.
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This is what I think of your light carbon fiber bicycles and your aerodynamic helmets,” the wind could be heard saying as a whole platoon of cyclists had to admit defeat and get off their bikes, as going forward wasn’t going to happen.

If you’ve ever ridden a bicycle out on an open field on a windy day, you’ll know exactly how these guys felt. Riding against the wind is just as bad as it is wonderful to ride with it. It’s one of those moments that help you realize just how important aerodynamics can be in a vehicle, and how much difference they can make. And we’re not talking about downforce here, but fuel efficiency.

These are all professional cyclists taking part in Volta a la Marina in Benidorm, and yet they had to call it quits when strong winds started to blow directly from the direction they were trying to go to. Some were amused by the situation, while others tried to take advantage and continue to race. One minute and seven feet later, they had to give up as well. In fact, the whole race was suspended.

In some instances, you can see the bicycles flapping around like they were some sort of flags. You can see the riders being quite reluctant to turn their bikes perpendicularly to the direction of the wind, as they risked making this video even funnier than it already is. Around the 8:40 mark, you can see one of the accompanying motorcycles that had the unfortunate idea of turning sideways fall over, just before the officials give the signal for putting the race on pause.

The action - or lack of it - starts at around 3:50, just as the platoon finishes climbing a short slope when they are greeted by the wind.“Race? What race? I didn’t get the memo,” the wind commented when asked about the incident later.

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