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Cyclist Turned Human Porcupine After Cactus Fall Is Peak 2020

Now that’s a painful sight! Stories about cyclists ending their otherwise-enjoyable rides with an abrupt stop in a cactus bush aren’t as rare as cyclists would like them to be, but this one definitely takes the cake.
Cyclist's ride ends in a cactus bush, goes viral 5 photos
Cyclist's ride ends in a cactus bush, goes viralCyclist's ride ends in a cactus bush, goes viralCyclist's ride ends in a cactus bush, goes viralCyclist's ride ends in a cactus bush, goes viral
Here is an accident that is peak 2020, a year that’s been all sorts of dreadful (and it’s not even over yet). Diego Moreno was out cycling with his friends in Parque de la Ciudad in La Rioja, Argentina. He tells the local media that he was going last and that he somehow missed a pothole in the road. He hit it and was thrown to the side, smack in the cacti that so famously adorn parks and roads in the region.

The result was equal parts funny and equal parts horrible. Moreno was turned into a human porcupine but, because he was wearing protective gear and was very lucky, we can all laugh about it because he avoided serious injury. He still ended up at the hospital, though, with all the efforts on the part of nice motorists who stopped to give him a hand.

“I didn’t see a small crater in the asphalt and I hit the pothole,” Moreno explained, as cited by En El Radar. “Thank god I was wearing glasses and a helmet and I didn’t injure my face or head. Because the way the spines got embedded in me, it could have blinded me.”

As you can see in the video below, several people stopped and tried to help him, in addition to the two cyclists he was out riding with. Moreno still had to go to the hospital afterward, because he had thousands of thorns embedded deeply all over his body. And yes, as you can see, it was a good thing he had glasses and a helmet on, preventing more serious injury.

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