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Cyclist Glow-In-Dark Paint Selling Online Now in the UK Thanks To Volvo

Volvo Car UK is reintroducing the popular LifePaint reflective spray that aids bicyclists and motorcyclists be more visible to car drivers at night. The magic spray can can also now be purchased online for the first time.
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The car company is working with the makers of LifePaint, the Swedish start-up Albedo100, to distribute the product in its dealerships as well as online. You can order up to 10 cans if you live in the UK, each priced at £13 plus shipping.

"LifePaint is another example of Volvo's human-centric approach to safety,” Volvo Car UK Managing Director Jon Makefield said. “Not only are we a world leader in safety technology for our cars, by offering this innovative spray online, we're helping to protect more people on our roads than ever – whether they drive a Volvo or not."

If you haven’t heard about LifePaint up until now, this is a reflective spray that can be applied to almost anything, including clothes, bags, bicycles, helmets, rucksacks, shoes, and everything in between. You can even spray it on a horse or your dog if you like to roam the streets at night with them.

The cool fact about LifePaint is that it is completely invisible during daytime. But at night it becomes very flashy under the headlights to alert drivers of your presence. It can stay on for about a week, depending on the surface and how much you have applied. It has a tendency to be more effective on fibrous materials such as cotton, fleece, linen and certain nylons.

If you decide you don’t want to be visible at night again, the spray can be easily washed off and will not affect the color or surface of the material applied to. You can watch it in action in the video below.

As for the non-UK residents, you can still have the same magic spray directly from its producer - Albedo100. It is called Invisible Bright on their website and is offered at a similar price.


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