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Cybertruck Pulling Matching Trailer on Mars Is Something We’ll Have to Get Used To

Back in 2018, Elon Musk launched a Tesla Roadster in space. The intended goal, stated since a few years prior, was to have it reach Mars in some form or another. As it stands, the cherry red open top is now aimlessly floating around in the void, at the time of writing being at a distance of 194,847,583 miles (313,576,885 km) from home, according to WhereIsRoadster.
Tesla Cybertruck with trailer on Mars 8 photos
The Space CamperThe Space CamperThe Space CamperThe Space CamperThe Space CamperThe Space CamperThe Space Camper
Crazy as it may have seemed, the stunt was not without scientific or at least engineering merit. The Roadster was nothing more than the test payload needed to validate the Falcon Heavy rocket assembly. Also, the car now acts as a sort of time capsule for future generations or alien civilizations to uncover, as it carries with it anything from a data storage device with a copy of Isaac Asimov's Foundation novels to a Hot Wheels diecast Roadster.

If anything, Musk’s willingness to actually launch a car into space proved that the man usually does what he sets his mind to. So, having the mighty and incredibly odd Cybertruck roam some roads The Boring Company might sometime build on Mars, after SpaceX gets the needed machinery there, is not that far fetched.

In fact, someone even went to the trouble of imagining what the electric pickup might look like while driving around in the reddish environment of the planet, complete with a massive trailer at the back, which can be anything from a mobile habitat to a command or research hub.

Sure, there are immense challenges we have to overcome before getting to that point, from developing the tools needed to safely transport humans to Mars to finding the best way to provide electricity for the Cybertruck, but if there is one vehicle out there that looks right at home on the Red Planet, then that’s the Tesla EV.

Editor's note: Gallery shows the Space Camper for the Cybertruck.


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