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Cybertruck-ed 2008 Ford F-250 Is Squarish, Heavy, Perfect to Ride Out the End of the Days

Back in the year 2008, when this Ford F-250 was born and rolled off the lines, the world didn’t even imagine something like the Cybertruck becoming one of the most eagerly anticipated vehicles of the modern day. In fact, 2008 was the year when Tesla introduced its first-ever car, the Lotus-based Roadster, and the Musk era was just beginning to gain traction.
2008 Ford F-250 13 photos
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Not even nowadays this F-250 is not a Cybertruck, as in it’s not electric, and was not put together by anyone even remotely connected with Tesla. Yet, the squarish lines that make up its body, along with the featureless sheets of metal that wrap around its entrails, sure make it look like some mutated Cybertruck.

The beast is described on Mecum, the auction house tasked with selling it back in early June in Tulsa, as a one-of-a-kind machine. And its Ford’s Power Stroke engine, 6.4-liter in displacement and burning diesel, now has to move a contraption that weighs a staggering 3,400 pounds (1,542 kg) more than before.

That’s right, this F-250 weighs 11,000 pounds (almost 5,000 kg), curb weight, all thanks to using 1/8-5/16-inch thick tube structure for the frame, 1/8-inch steel plates for the body, and the 20-inch chromed wheels shod in 35-inch Cooper tires.

Packing airbag over spring rear suspension, removable doors (with the rear ones opening suicide-style), but the stock leather interior, the pickup sure looks like a ride for the end of days.

Someone else must have thought so too, as the F-250 ended up selling at the said auction, going for $67,100. That’s a few thousand dollars short of double the value of the same truck Ford is selling new at $38,450, in XL trim.

Only this one also comes with all the modern amenities a survivalist would need to entertain himself, including a Pioneer touch screen, USB connectivity, 15-inch Kicker Solo Baric subwoofer, and a Rockford Fosgate 1600 watt stereo amplifier.

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