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Cyberpunk-ed Tesla Cybertruck Looks Ready to Hack and Slash

By the end of the year, production of Tesla’s insane Cybertruck electric pickup should begin. Like most other cars Tesla has made, this one too is expected to redefine the segment it plays in, if not when it comes to technology, then at least as far as design goes.
Cyberpunk-ed Tesla Cybertruck 1 photo
The radical approach to a truck unveiled with great fanfare and a few mishaps by Elon Musk in November 2019 is so extreme that it didn’t take long for people to see it as a machine from the future, available today.

A machine from how far in the future? one could ask. Well, why not from 2077, the year when the action of one of the most anticipated games in recent times is set.

CD Projekt’s Cyberpunk mammoth undertaking, released at the end of 2020, is, if you like, a futuristic version of GTA. Despite being riddled with issues ever since launch, the game is already played by hundreds of thousands of people, who are enjoying a virtual life as in a California setting called Night City.

In doing so, players use a variety of tools, including vehicles. We have things like the Archer Hella sedan, Chevillon Thrax executive car, or the Militech Behemoth heavy-duty truck, just to name very few. Despite fitting right in, both design-wise and by name, Tesla’s Cybertruck is not in there, at least officially.

The fact that the vehicle might end up being featured in the game – Elon Musk is one of those hundreds of thousands of players – has only fueled people’s imagination, who rushed to create renderings of how the electric truck would look like in the virtual world.

The latest such stunt comes from Bristol Street Motors, who envisioned Musk’s creation as a hardcore doomsday machine, just what the employer prescribed for killings performed at the outskirts of the city. Already capable of withstanding serious beating (as long as you don’t throw a sledgehammer at its windows), it was now gifted with reinforced bodywork and windows, big light projectors up top, and what seems to be a pair of blades that could be just the right weapons one needs to take on the scum of Night City.


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