Cuteness Overload! Two-Year-Old Boy Can Name All His Dad's Muscle Cars

When some people say “it runs in the family,” they really mean it. This guy recorded his son as the little one explores dad’s garage. You can hear him discovering the brands and see how well he identifies all the vehicles. It’s a core memory unlocked that’ll help the two-year-old find his inner passion for cars.
Two-Year-Old Pointing at Dad's Chevelle 6 photos
Photo: DezzysSpeedShop on YouTube
Two-Year-Old Boy Going Through Dad's Muscle CarsTwo-Year-Old Boy Going Through Dad's Muscle CarsTwo-Year-Old Boy Going Through Dad's Muscle CarsTwo-Year-Old Boy Going Through Dad's Muscle CarsTwo-Year-Old Boy Going Through Dad's Muscle Cars
Is this the dream of all dads that love cars? We’re not entirely sure it applies to everyone, but it might be the catalyst of a strong bond between the parent and the kid. This man took his son to the garage where he keeps his American-made big-block vehicles. He let the little guy roam free while asking him if he knows what he touches.

While there aren’t that many good things happening in the world right now, seeing this two-year-old child naming every car and every color in an articulate manner and with a cute voice will surely help us all to get through the day.

Right as he opens the garage door, you can hear the kid being really happy to find himself between all those cars. This is not a “hold the flashlight” moment like some of us have experienced, nor is it a teaching one. The dad simply asks, and the two-year-old delivers the answers with unexpected joy in his voice.

He looks at the first car and is impressed by the fact that it’s back and is now red! The Chevelle was absent for some time from dad’s garage. Next, he spares a moment to take it all in and checks his surroundings. For a kid that young, it’s impressive how well he manages his excitement and how well he chooses his words.

“I’m doing my best to make sure he doesn’t bring home an import, jokingly said the father.

When the parent starts asking him about all the other muscle cars and the garage, the little guy immediately runs towards them. He knows the Mustang, his toy Bel Air, the Impala, and others that look like projects yet to be done. We’ll let you discover everything in the video down below. It’s short, so it won’t take a lot of your time. But it’ll improve your day!

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