Cute Terrier Honks the Horn When Owner Takes Too Long in the Store

Terrier Honks the Horn When Owner Takes Too Long in the Store 1 photo
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Nobody likes the annoying type of driver who keeps his hand on the honk all the way through the intersection, so when you hear that irritating sound going on for minutes, you must be wondering what is going on. The lady in the video below was among those who had to check out the car doing all the noise in the parking lot of a store recently when she discovered that there was nothing wrong inside. Sort of.
One must not be a veterinary to realize that the head of this audio attack is an Airedale Terrier. Traditionally called the “King of Terriers,” this breed has British origins, so perhaps this was the dog’s way of showing it would not accept disrespectful treatment. Sure, the rear window was open, so that was not an issue, but how long can you expect a dog - that initially was used to hunt otters - to wait for you?

If Wikipedia has its facts right, the Airedale Terrier was also used as a war dog, guide dog and, believe or not, a police dog. Perhaps this particular fellow has some relatives in the force and is somehow used to the sound.

As a matter of fact, more than one dog was waiting inside the vehicle. According to the person who took the video, they were putting quite the show to all the passers-by’s delight. Here’s her tale of the story:

There were four happy critters in the car. I'd love for him [the owner] to see it. I wanted to go inside to show him because I actually spoke with him briefly on his way inside, but I had a list a mile long to get accomplished. I told him how happy they looked, and he told me how much they loved car rides and how spoiled they were.”

The Question is what would happen if a smart dog like the one in question did the same thing in an autonomous car? Would the car call its owner on his or her phone? Perhaps this could be a feature Elon Musk’s engineers should think about when taking that job interview.

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