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Cute, Stubby Willow X Says It's the Ultimate Outdoor Robot, Can Perform Hundreds of Tasks

From robotic pool cleaners to robot lawn mowers and pets, we are welcoming machines into our daily lives, letting them pitch in wherever possible. And not only are we constantly preoccupied with making them more and more capable and sophisticated, but we are also giving them adorable looks, as is the case with the Willow X.
Eeve Willow X outdoor robot 6 photos
Willow X outdoor robotWillow X outdoor robotWillow X outdoor robotWillow X outdoor robotWillow X outdoor robot
Touted as the ultimate outdoor robot, this cute, stubby machine was developed by a Belgian company called Eeve, which also has a personal robot on the market. That one is called Willow and it can be of great help around the house, mowing the lawn, guarding your property, cleaning it, or simply entertaining you by playing games or acting like a pet.

Back to the new Willow X, it is pretty similar in design to the Willow personal robot, but the former comes with some extra capabilities. Eeve equipped the Willow X with a bin and multifunctional robot arms, boasting of the new machine now being able to perform hundreds of tasks. Its main purpose is to help out with any outdoor tasks, attending to your yard and garden, keeping your patio clean, picking up walnuts from the ground, getting rid of the weeds in your flower garden, and so much more.

Just like its brother, the Willow X also includes a lawn mowing tool and can drive slopes up to 25 percent. There’s also a Pro version available with the robot, which comes with a larger battery. The Willow X Pro is also better at handling slopes, being able to cope with 35 percent inclines. As for the battery on the two, the standard version offers six hours of usage on a single charge, while the Pro boosts that endurance to eight hours per charge.

The cute-looking Willow X has AI (artificial intelligence) capabilities, can detect rain, and navigates using its onboard camera instead of perimeter wires or GPS. It boasts of packing a 4K camera and once it finishes its chore, it automatically returns to its charging dock.

So far, we only have prototypes of the Willow X, but Eeve plans to launch the robot by the end of 2024, with deliveries being scheduled to start in 2025. Pre-orders are now open for the ultimate outdoor machine, which doesn’t come cheap. The standard version is priced at €3,990 (around $4,200) and the Pro version at €4,690 (approximately $5,000).

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