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Customers Who Reserved the Cybertruck Two Years Ago, Frustrated With the Lack of Progress

The Tesla Cybertruck was a wild take on a pickup truck back in 2019 and it might still be today, had it ever been produced. Two years later, the Cybertruck is still MIA, and those who made a reservation started to show frustration toward the lack of progress. Maybe the $100 would’ve been better spent elsewhere?
Cybertruck reservation holders are frustrated with the lack of progress 10 photos
Tesla Cybertruck at Giga TexasTesla Cybertruck at Giga TexasTesla CybertruckTesla CybertruckTesla CybertruckTesla CybertruckTesla CybertruckTesla CybertruckTesla Cybertruck
The Tesla Cybertruck is still complicated for Tesla to talk about, although the truck should’ve roamed the streets nearby in droves by now. At the latest earnings call, Elon Musk couldn’t tell anything beyond “we will not be introducing new vehicle models this year.” The lack of progress has started to annoy Tesla customers who reserved the Cybertruck after the truck was revealed in November 2019.

Some of them have vented their frustration, especially as Tesla did not reach out to them as customers. According to Business Insider, many consider withdrawing their deposits. At least one of them cited disappointment and missed opportunities. Other electric trucks have hit the market in the meantime, like the Ford F-150 Lightning, Chevrolet Silverado EV, and the Rivian R1T. On the other hand, many more would be Cybertruck customers are willing to wait for the curiously shaped pickup truck.

According to a crowdfunded reservations tracker for the Tesla Cybertruck, Tesla sits on more than 1.2 million Cybertruck reservations at the time of writing, or $86 billion worth of sales. Some of those on the list reserved more than one truck, with at least one person having more than 100 reservations. Although these are non-binding and refundable, two years is still a long time and they could’ve used the money more wisely.

Buying Tesla stock was one option, of course. TSLA shares hovered around $50 before Tesla announced the Cybertruck but tripled soon thereafter. This means buying two TSLA shares instead of reserving the MIA Cybertruck would’ve been a much better option. Even with today’s depreciation in the technology stocks, two Tesla shares would still be worth $1,700. Not bad, especially if you have 100 reservations.

The latest estimates (or should I say hopes) regarding Tesla Cybertruck deliveries show an optimistic 2023, but there’s no guarantee it will happen. The EV market has moved a lot in the past two years and besides its peculiar shape, the Cybertruck has nothing to beat the adventurous Rivian R1T. By the time the future Cybertruck will hit the market, a new contender would send it back to the drawing board or make it obsolete.


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