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Custom Volvo 945 Pick-Up Truck Has Air Ride, Widebody Kit, and It's for Sale

Volvo built the last 940 back in February 1998, but some people's passion for the brick-shaped Swedish model is still fresh. Evidently, the model is more popular in Sweden than in other countries, but that is where the internet comes in, and we can all enjoy a nice build.
Volvo 945 custom pick-up truck conversion 7 photos
Volvo 945 custom pick-up truck conversionVolvo 945 custom pick-up truck conversionVolvo 945 custom pick-up truck conversionVolvo 945 custom pick-up truck conversionVolvo 945 custom pick-up truck conversionVolvo 945 custom pick-up truck conversion
The owner of a heavily modified Volvo 945, which is the estate version of the Volvo 940, has placed an advertisement for their pick-up conversion. To keep things on an amusing note, Manfred, the owner, placed the ad in the tractor section of a Swedish ad site, as this is a diesel-engined Volvo 945. We like his sense of humor on this one, and we apologize for ruining the joke.

To be specific, we are referring to the D24TCI engine, which is shared with Volkswagen's LT utility vehicle from the early to mid-90s. In stock form on the Volvo 900 series, the D24TCI provided up to 129 metric horsepower back when it was new, and peak torque was just 250 Nm (184 lb.ft.), which is not a lot for that displacement today, but it was more than enough power for 1986, when the engine made its debut.

Now, the vehicle being sold here has received numerous modifications, which involve making its front axle wider, and the same happened on its rear axle, not to mention turning it into a pick-up truck with a working rear hatch, fitting an air ride system, and a bigger turbo just for good measure.

The taillights come from a Volvo V90, while this particular shade of Brown is specific to BMWs, instead of Volvo. On the interior, the two remaining seats are covered in leather, and the driver will get to shift direction by using a wooden steering wheel. There is also an aftermarket sound system, which has a dedicated battery.

This is the kind of custom work that is done over several years. Despite the modifications, the vehicle still has a valid inspection, which is still good until June 30th, 2023. We are sure that Manfred hopes to sell his 945 until then. The current asking price on is 100,000 Swedish kroner, which is about $10,574 at current exchange rates. That's not a lot for a unique build, is it?


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