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Custom Maps and Location Services Are Making Their Way to Mines

The use of location services and custom maps isn’t just limited to GPS navigation and driving, and a recent partnership between HERE and Ericsson comes to reveal another side of this technology.
HERE will let mining companies create custom maps 6 photos
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The collaboration will provide companies in the mining business with custom maps and location services, all with the purpose of making their operations more effective.

The smart mining push is expected to skyrocket in the coming years, and this is why HERE and Ericsson are working together on an approach that will fuel this growth.

HERE will supply location services and capabilities to build custom maps of open-pit mining operations, while Ericsson will contribute with high-performance 5G private networks to guarantee access even in remote areas and underground tunnels.

The combination of Ericsson connectivity and HERE location services deliver true smart mining capabilities, from mapping private terrain, to pinpointing and navigating assets in real-time,” HERE explains in a press release, also embedded below.

By using location data to build continuously updated private maps on the HERE location platform, mining companies can create a canvas to improve operational efficiency and safety. The living map can then be used to search or track, and deploy routing powered by HERE, as well as custom-built applications and services.

The partnership is obviously big news for the mining industry, but at the same time, it’s also a sign that location services can eventually become available even in those areas where public cellular signal isn’t currently available. Without a doubt, such a solution isn’t necessarily affordable, but bringing an on-premise cellular network to underground tunnels is still a pretty impressive achievement.

HERE’s location services are currently powering a wide array of advanced services, including the navigation solutions that millions of people out there rely on every day. The company is working with a series of large carmakers to power their navigation software, including BMW, Hyundai, and Volvo.

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