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Custom 1986 Chevy S10 Sports Mysterious Engine Under the Hood, for Sale for Cheap

Is there anything more pure or wholesome on planet Earth than a custom Chevy S-10? It's like the white bread of light-duty trucks, always plentiful and always ready to be made better with an assortment of automotive condiments.
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Ham-fisted allegories about sandwiches aside, we don't think we've seen an S-10 truck built up in quite this way before. It looks a bit worse for wear on the outside, heck, maybe even downright ugly. But looks are not just skin deep. Take a look under the hood to see why. That's right, under the hood of this truck is not some anemic four-cylinder, but the V8 engine from a 1989 Pontiac Firebird.

This engine is the 305 cubic inch (5.0 liter) General Motors V8 found in a multitude of different GM vehicles from Pontiac to Chevrolet, and even Buick for a period. The S-10's previous owner has multiple photos detailing just how much work and effort went into making this truck a reality.

Masses of wires, tubing, and other mechanical McGuffins had to be moved and rearranged to make everything fit under the hood. It may be rusty-looking and faded today, but this truck one meant something unique to the people who helped build it.

A Ford nine-inch rear axle replaces the OEM unit in its 31 spline and three-inch axle bearing configuration in a 2.23 ratio, much the same as seen on the Firebird. Heavy-duty sway bars in the front and rear ensure the stock suspension has all the help it needs. The battery has also been relocated to inside the right rear wheel well.

It's all made harmonious with 15-inch wheels from a late 80s Chevy Camaro to make the look distinctly from the period. Today, this truck can be all yours for just $4,200 before taxes and fees from Jim of East Brunswick, New Jersey. Considering how much work went into this build, that's not a bad price at all.

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