Cummins Ford Mustang Has GT500 Front, Is a Heavy Smoker

"I don't always roll coal, but when I do, it's next to a Prius, so they can hear me hurt the environment," is a meme we found about Cummins engine swaps. And it's perfect for this project car, a Ford Mustang powered by a big-ol' diesel engine.
Cummins Ford Mustang Has GT500 Front, Is a Heavy Smoker 4 photos
Photo: Westen Champlin/YouTube screenshot
Cummins Ford Mustang Has GT500 Front, Is a Heavy SmokerCummins Ford Mustang Has GT500 Front, Is a Heavy SmokerCummins Ford Mustang Has GT500 Front, Is a Heavy Smoker
We don't know what it is about using diesel in sports vehicles. You can pretend that the guy doing this to a Mustang is strange, but there's also that Camaro we showed recently. Plus, Europe made a variety of sacrilegious sports diesel cars of their own.

Recent examples include the quad-turbocharged BMW 3-liter that motivates the M550d or the 4.0-liter TDI in the Bentley Bentayga Diesel. Emissions regulators thought they were too naughty, so such cars have been virtually outlawed, but they were even more common. Did you know Audi made a Q7 with a 6-liter twin-turbo TDI? Or that diesel hot hatchbacks are a thing? Yes, even right now; Volkswagen just made a new Golf GTD with 197 horsepower.

Getting back to the subject of the day, we're dealing with a fairly new Mustang that was mechanically troubled. YouTuber Westen Champlin has swapped in a truck engine under the hood. Why? Well, just watch any of the videos at the bottom of the story and you'll understand the reasoning behind the madness.

As you'd imagine, swapping in a Cummins wasn't an easy task. The mechanic had serious issues at first, ranging from fuel problems to leaking injectors. But now it's running on lots of turbo boost and rolls coal with the best heavy-duty Rams.

We're not so much concerned about the environment as the fact that it looks like lung cancer waiting to happen. Thankfully, the Frankenstein probably has enough torque to destroy a set of tires per hour, so it's not your typical daily driver muscle car.

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