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Crushing a Running Motorcycle Engine and More with a Hydraulic Press

There is something voluptuous in using huge amounts of force to destroy things without harming anyone, and crushing motorcycle parts and related stuff makes no exception.
Fun with the hydraulic press 11 photos
Having fun with a hydraulic press
Now, when it comes to the "huge amounts of force" thing, one could hardly think about a better piece of machinery than a hydraulic press. Some of these machines can produce ludicrous amounts of pressure that could crush pretty much anything you can choose.

The Hydraulic Press Channel is one of the funniest, and, at the same time, most interesting channels dedicated to mauling stuff using a press. Making things even better is the funny accent of the guy who runs the press and the channel.

This nice fellow is Finnish, and when English is spoken with such an accent and joins the destructive frenzy, things look and sound cooler. Plus, the fact that this guy is nothing like the cold, sober "men of the North" cliche is yet another thing that makes his channel so enjoyable.

The chap is very funny at times, and his jokes plus the Finnish accent are simply delicious. For some reason, we find watching all sorts of objects being obliterated by the hydraulic press to be quite enjoyable and strangely refreshing.

This time, the Hydraulic Press Channel received several nifty things for crushing, all kindly donated by a stunt team. The list includes a 4-stroke motorcycle engine in running condition, a helmet, and a piston.

Honestly, we expected the engine destruction to be way more spectacular. Maybe they should have started with the gearbox whose passing into nothingness was very neat.

We never thought about which part is the best to be mauled first when it comes to spectacularly mauling a running 4-stroke engine with a press, but after watching this video, we reckon it's worth finding out.

Once the engine was reduced to an almost amorphous mass of contorted metal, it was the turn for the motorcycle helmet to take a ride in the press. Placing a watermelon inside and have it crushed with the lid may seem a bit scary, or even grotesque to some viewers, but the result was funny as hell, nevertheless.

The most spectacular destruction was that of the piston. It gave up without opposing too much, but the slow-motion footage revealed a quite explosive performance before being reduced to "an aluminium pancake."

Can't help wondering how a cheap-ass Chinese lid and a top-notch motorcycle helmet  would stack up against the press...

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