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Crossover Your e-2008 Ambitions Over to Peugeot Cycles

The trademark lion of the Peugeot brand has been applied on a variety of mechanical products – from saw blades to engines and automobiles. But one of the most integral chapters of the company has to do with the production of two-wheeled means of transportations. Thus, it is only natural to hear about the existence of the Peugeot Cycles or Peugeot Motorcycles brands and their continued French-style pursuit of leisure, elegance, and happiness.
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Of course, globalization has spread to these manufacturing branches as well – the bike unit is now a Cycleeurope licensed brand and the motorcycles division last year became a wholly owned subsidiary of India’s Mahindra & Mahindra Limited. No matter, because the clients seeing the lion logo will instantly associate both with the French automaker – and that happened to us as well the instant we saw the new Crossover e-bike range.

For now, Peugeot is only selling the electrified 3008 Hybrid and 3008 Hybrid4 alongside the battery-operated e-2008 but Peugeot Cycles has no less than six crossover models – all of them electrically assisted and designed to represent a one-fits all alternative to the make’s trekking and mountain bike offerings.

All of them are multi-purpose models and revolve around a common base setup. This is why the manufacturer – all Peugeot Cycles products are French to the bones, being designed in the Hexagon and built at a factory in Romilly sur Seine, Aube - is using a common denominator. They are called the eT01 Crossover and all have the same provider for the power source (Bosch).

The range kicks off with the eT01 Crossover D9, offered with a “Sport” or “Mixt” frame, priced from €2,499 (including VAT). The base models make use of a Bosch Active Line engine and a PowerTube 400 Wh battery that enables a range of up to 110 km. Next up comes the eT01 Crossover D10 with the same frame choice and a sportier engine choice – the Bosch Performance CX.

This is the one prepared for long trips, complete with lights, mudguards, and luggage rack. The battery is also larger at 500 Wh, although range is the same at 110 kilometers (around 68 miles), and so is the price, kicking off at €3,299. The off-road choice will be the eT01 Crossover FS.

It comes with just about the same technical specifications as the former but adds a full suspension to the mix. It is also the priciest at €3,999 - but we all know crossovers are always more expensive than their standard counterparts. Note that in the gallery above we also introduced some spectacular shots of the mountain-loving eM02. 

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