Cristiano Ronaldo’s Girlfriend Georgina Slammed for Defying Seatbelt Laws in Netflix Show

A month after her documentary premiered on Netflix, eagle-eyed, safety-concerned fans slammed Georgina Rodriguez for not wearing a seatbelt, nor making the children traveling with her wear one correctly.
Georgina Rodriguez and Her Children 7 photos
Cristiano Ronaldo's GarageCristiano Ronaldo's GarageCristiano Ronaldo's GarageCristiano Ronaldo's GarageGeorgina Rodriguez Without a SeatbeltGeorgina Rodriguez Without a Seatbelt
In late January, Georgina Rodriguez premiered her documentary series on Netflix, I Am Georgina. There, the model talks about her rags-to-riches rise to fame and her relationship with soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo.

In one of the episodes, we even get a good look at the Manchester United’s forward expensive garage, which includes some of his day-to-day supercars.

But eagle-eyed fans are now slamming Georgina for defying seatbelt laws in her documentary. In different scenes, we see her driving without wearing a seatbelt. Furthermore, she failed to fasten the children properly in the back seats, when she picked them up for school in Turin, Italy. One scene shows Ronaldo’s oldest Cristiano Jr, 11, and their daughter, Alana, 4, who just sat in her car seat with the restraints very loose.

Jose Lagunar, CEO of road safety engineering firm Rivekids from Spain, said: “Netflix describes Georgina Rodriguez as a mother, influencer, businesswoman and the partner of football player Cristiano Ronaldo." He added: "But it’s surprising that Netflix presents her as an example of a mother and influencer when she carries her four-year-old daughter in her child seat without a harness and another child without a seat belt.”

He continued: “No doubt out of ignorance, Georgina demonstrates with these scenes very irresponsible behavior and a terrible example of road safety to all the families who are watching the documentary.”

In a different scene, she’s behind the wheel of a Rolls-Royce, with only the lower strap over her belly. Her elder sister, Ivana, who is in the passenger’s seat, is not as defiant as her. Fans have also noted that Ronaldo wasn’t properly wearing his seatbelt, either, while he was FaceTiming Georgina at a stop. Considering the law, the safety such restraints provide, and how powerful the majority of his cars are, fastening the seatbelt should be the first move when hopping behind the wheel or in the passenger's seat.

Luckily, this will be a lesson for the family, and, hopefully, she wasn’t putting herself, or her children, in harm’s way for the show.


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