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Creepy Funeral Home Has Been Abandoned for Years, Cadillac Hearses Stuck in the Garage

When it comes to abandoned classic cars, most of them are rotting away in junkyards, while some are locked away in barns. Then we have vehicles forgotten on properties that have been abandoned for years. We usually document classics discovered in derelict buildings, but this small stash of Cadillacs is a bit different. That's because we're talking about hearses wasting away in a deserted funeral home.
1964 Cadillac hearse 8 photos
Cadillac hearseCadillac hearseCadillac hearseCadillac hearseCadillac hearseCadillac hearseCadillac hearse
Documented by YouTube's "BigBankz," this place has been abandoned for about three years. And it comes with a sad story too, because apparently this funeral home was closed when the owner died. There's no info as to why the business wasn't taken over by someone else, but it's quite obvious that everything on this property was simply left behind.

Come 2022 and the funeral home is a time capsule. It's still loaded with furniture and embalming chemicals, while the chapel room seems ready to host yet another funeral. Things also tend to get creepy with so many caskets and ash boxes and urns still around.

But nothing is as disturbing as the fact that the explorer found the cremains of several people in the house. I'm talking about more than 30 boxes of ashes that, for some reason, never made it to their respective families. We'll never know why they were never retrieved or buried, but hopefully, someone will eventually do the right thing.

But chemicals, caskets, and cremains aren't the only things that were left behind. The hearses that were used by this funeral home are still in the garage. No fewer than three of them, all of the Cadillac variety.

The oldest one is based on a 1964 Cadillac and I'm pretty sure it was made by the Superior Coach Company. And it hasn't been driven since 2010. The second hearse is a 1980s model and was last on the road in 2018, while the third one is an early 2000s DeVille that hasn't been driven since 2019. Maybe this is the hearse that took the owner on his final trip to the graveyard?

Needless to say, the boxes of human ashes are the first that need to be retrieved from this place, but should the 1964 Cadillac also be saved and passed on to a hearse collector? Let me know in the comments.

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