Create Memories for a Lifetime With a 2023 Journey Motorhome: Winnebago's Priciest RV

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Photo: Winnebago Industries
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Most of us have heard the name Winnebago being whispered, but some still don't know what that stands for. Well, the 2023 Journey diesel motorhome will reveal why this RV manufacturer is at the top of this industry. Oh, it's also the most expensive Class A machine this crew offers, tipping the scales with a backbreaking starting price of $439,500.
Sure, the 2023 Journey motorhome may cause you to leave all your life savings at the door, sell your house, pawn your car, and even blow the kid's college fund on it, but if you do, there's so much you'll be able to see, feel, and live. After all, it's a motorhome and one that showcases the magic of Winnebago at its highest level.

So, what the heck are we in for with this one? Well, if you're not sure who Winnebago may be, the name has been around since 1958, and in that time, through innovation, design, and market research, this team has become known simply as an industry trendsetter. This sort of history and knowledge is poured into every RV and mobile habitat they offer. Again, take the Journey as the peak example of what can be achieved, based on price, that is.

Considering that nearly half a million dollars will be buying you a considerable downsized home, it would be sheer madness for me to attempt to run through every little trinket found inside the Journey. With that said, I invite you on a journey through imagination to get a feel for what your life may be like, and all of it starts with you possibly emptying your bank accounts.

2023 Journey Interior
Photo: Winnebago Industries
Once you do, you'll turn your back to your former landlocked home and climb aboard your moving residence. As you step inside, you can't even hear or feel the 8.9-liter, 380 HP Cummins diesel engine because of the countless insulation layers and an air suspension from NeWay. All that's set up on a Freightliner chassis built specifically for RVs like this one.

Since your engine is still warming up, you simply start to stroll through the halls of our newly acquired habitat. As you do, you'll encounter spaces like an entertainment center with recliner seating across from 50-inch TVs, electric fireplaces, and habitat-shaking sound systems. Some of the family takes a seat and buckles up for the upcoming ride; you continue towards the rear.

Suddenly, you're in a fully equipped kitchen, and you start to imagine how you're whipping up three-course meals. Finally, a time and place to show your family what that chef's diploma is for. With meals cooked, the buffet will be the perfect place to set your meals in wait for hungry mouths. After a quick trip to the bathroom, you peek your head inside the rear bedroom.

2023 Journey Bedroom
Photo: Winnebago Industries
Considering this space takes up nearly a third of this RV, you step into the room to really feel the immensity of it all. A powered king-size bed sits on a slide-out with a full walk-around leading to features like dressers, storage space, a wardrobe, and another entertainment center. A smile creeps onto your face as you look around; turn off the lights, make your exit, and head to the cab. Everyone can see you smiling and starts to cheer, knowing what's next, the open road and ever-shifting scenery.

As for off-grid abilities, what can I say, you're buying an actual home, and that means everything you can think of. Generators, washer/dryer combos, heating and cooling systems, and even solar panels are part of the possibilities. Need a portable satellite antenna? Whether you do or don't, it's there.

You know, as I covered the 2023 Journey motorhome, I was thrown back to a time when my dad, mom, and I would take trips from California to New York. I remember going to bed in a desert and then waking up three hours later, crossing snow-capped mountains, only to descend to kelp-ridden coastlines. What more could you want? Oh, and thank you, mom and dad, for some amazing memories. Ah, the beauty of mobile living.
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase an array of Journey interiors and features.

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