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CRD Blends Zundapp and Honda DNA into an Amazing Build

"Focus on, optimize, re-arrange, reorganize": these lyrics from a song we often hum here are probably the best description for this awesome hybrid build rolling out Cafe Racer Dreams' workshop doors. Commissioned by bike enthusiast Juan Ramón Ortega, the story of this build is a rather long and a funny one, as BikeEXIF heard it.
CRD Blends Zundapp and Honda DNA 6 photos
CRD Blends Zundapp and Honda DNACRD Blends Zundapp and Honda DNACRD Blends Zundapp and Honda DNACRD Blends Zundapp and Honda DNACRD Blends Zundapp and Honda DNA
From the starters, Juan wanted to build a small and fun bike, and he fell in love with an old pre-WWII Zundapp DB200 and its awesome girder-type fork. Since he already had an older quarter-liter Yamaha laying around, he asked the help of a mechanic and tried to build a new bike combining the two.

The results were anything but decent so the project was abandoned. Thinking that his girlfriend could really use a small bike for riding to work daily, but still the problem did not have a solution: to which bike could he attach the Zundapp fork?

Calling for the help of Pedro and Efraon of Cafe Racer Dreams was the best thing he could come up with. They brought in a 2005 Honda CG125, not exactly the best-looking small-displacement bikes of all, to say the least (Juan was merciless describing the CG125 as being "very, very ugly").

The Honda frame was chopped and tinkered on not only to receive the girder fork, but o match the 40's style of the future bike. The front wheel got a disc brake for better stopping force and the ugly Honda tank was replaced with a new one sourced from a 50cc Derbi FDX.

The bike also got a retro black paint job with gold pinstripes for an authentic pre-war look and other revisions in key spots for a better stance. Now going by the name “Sierra Bonita”, this Honda-Zundapp build looks really astonishing and is an awesome business card for CRD, too.


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