Crazy Teen Rides on Hood of Car Going 150 KM/H

Have you ever wondered why teens need to be supervised while driving and why insurance rates are so astronomical? It's because folks like these.
Go back to school 1 photo
Considering this stunt involves a driver, an idiot volunteer and a cameraman, we can safely say at leaf three guys went to brotown and never came back.

We don't have a recording of the conversation before this stunt was pulled off, but it must have been something along the lines of "here dude, hold my beer and I'm going to do something stupid for the Internet to see."

We thank you mister Justin Bieber lookalike, and we salute your bravery. No go grow some chest hair and put on some real pants!

Oh and by the way, the Audi 80 they that hits 150 km/h in this video is a 20-year-old car, which makes it about 8 years older than the there bros.

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