Crazy Quad Bike Rider Rams Police Motorcycle, Gets Charged with Attempted Murder

Insane quad bike rider rams police motorcycle 5 photos
Photo: YouTube screenshot
Insane quad bike rider rams police motorcycleInsane quad bike rider rams police motorcycleInsane quad bike rider rams police motorcycleInsane quad bike rider rams police motorcycle
Those who ride on two wheels are the most exposed members of the traffic, and this video shows it makes no difference whether they wear police uniforms or not.
In a confrontation between a two-wheeled vehicle and a four-wheeled one, the one with the higher count will always win. The stability provided by the two extra wheels makes it impossible for the motorcycle to have hopes of finishing the duel standing.

That's why a lot of bikers learn from the early stages that no matter how belligerent you are at the wheel, once you get on that motorcycle seat, you need to go to your happy place and ignore anything around you that might set you off.

Police officers on motorcycles don't have this luxury, though. Their job is to apprehend suspects, and you can't do that by staying back and hoping they would suddenly grow a conscience and stop on their own will. You need to get in there and force them to.

But the only thing they have on their side is the power of that uniform they're wearing. If the suspect is completely unimpressed, then you're left without any arguments, so you have to improvise.

For instance, these two Finnish officers were called to intervene in a case of reckless driving. The man on the quad bike was swerving all over the road and going at speed, being a potential hazard for other drivers. The police had the unenviable job of having to stop him without putting him, them or anybody else in danger.

One of the two officers charged forward, just to make sure the guy knows he's being followed. Since it was just a misdemeanor, he didn't imagine he would react aggressively. He was wrong.

With one swift move - well, two, actually, since the officer withstood the first hit - the quad bike driver turned a fine into a possible prison sentence. He knocked the police bike rider over by hitting him twice, just to make sure nobody mistakes it for being accidental.

He was probably very close to a murder charge considering how nasty that fall looked. In retrospect, the officer should have backed off after the first blow, but things happen so fast, and the adrenaline rushes in and it's hard to keep your composure. Luckily for him, he got away with it that time.

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