Crazy Motorcycle Stunt Shows How Things Roll When Crashing into an SUV

A stunt rider crashes into an SUV 1 photo
Photo: YouTube capture
When it comes to the nasty subject of crashing a motorcycle into a vehicle, SUVs are probably the most hated cars on the road. There is nothing wrong with them per se, but they combine several attributes that make them some of the most dangerous cars to cross a rider's trajectory at the wrong time.
One of these attributes is their power and speed. Even though sizeable vehicles, SUV's and pickup trucks are equipped with powerful engines that make them fast, just like a sedan or hatchback.

Unfortunately, not all the drivers are playing by the book, and often trust the speed and acceleration of their SUVs too much. In the most ill-fortuned scenarios, these drivers would feel tempted to pull away in front of a motorcycle, hoping that their car will have cleared the road in time. Tough luck, because they almost never do so, becoming an obstacle for the riders unfortunate enough to share the road with them.

On the other hand, the SUVs are big, and this makes swerving around them harder. Long and tall, these cars behave differently in a crash than a normal sedan would. When colliding with a sedan, the motorcyclist has decent chances to fly over its hood or trunk, sometimes jumping over the car itself.

However, this will not happen when a motorcycle hits an SUV. Even the hood is much taller, and reduces the chances that the rider makes it over it. As for the rest of the car, it is rather similar to what crashing into a large truck or bus means: a wall of steel, that leaves only reduced odds of walking away from the crash, or with minor injuries.

If the impact speed is not too high, the rider has some chances in case he or she hits one of the large windows at the right place, ending up inside the car.

The fellow in the video is not riding with an actual passenger, but a dummy, and is both well-equipped with protection AND trained. Still, we watched the footage several times, and it gave us the creeps each time.

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