Crazy BMW E30 316i Humiliates F10 M5 on the Nurburgring

The current BMW M5 might not be the ultimate track beast due to its weight but it’s still packing 560 horses under the bonnet and it’s a feared adversary in a straight up drag race, from any speed. That’s why we were shocked when we saw this BMW E30 316i totally obliterate it on the Nurburgring, in a straight line.
BMW E30 316i vs M5 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
No, we’re not kidding and you can see the video for yourselves, below, but we do have to get a couple of things out of the way first. According to the uploader of the clip, the car we’re looking at here uses BMW 318is running gear and that is already an improvement over the stock 316i.

That’s because the 316i used a 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engine making 99 PS back in the day while the 318is used a specially prepped 1.8-liter 4-cylinder engine making 140 PS (versus what the stock model used to make, 113 PS). That still isn’t enough is it?

Well, admittedly, the E30 weighs a lot less than the M5, right? Actually, it’s nearly a ton lighter, literally. But could 140 PS and a total weight of just 1 ton be enough to trample over the M5? Surely not....

Tricks under the hood

Just by making a quick comparison we end up at the conclusion that the M5 has around 280 HP per ton so, basically, twice as much. And yet how is this possible?

The answer lies in the video’s description where the uploader specifies just that the car underwent ‘light’ modifications. Yeah.... RIGHT! Judging by the way this car drives, we’d be tempted to say there’s a supercharger hiding under that bonnet if not a completely different engine. What do you think? Check out the video and let us know. To see the duel we're talking about jump straight to the 3 minute mark.

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