CR Doesn't Like the Jaguar E-Pace or Volvo XC40

CR Doesn't Like the Jaguar E-Pace or Volvo XC40 2 photos
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CR Doesn't Like the Jaguar E-Pace or Volvo XC40
The beauty of small, urban crossovers is completely lost on the reviewers at Consumer Reports. Their take on the Jaguar E-Pace and Volvo XC40, which are direct rivals, is a mixed bag.
For whatever reason, CR decided to release two short reviews a few days apart instead of one comparison video as everybody wants. But we get the feeling that they wouldn't recommend either of these cars to their subscribers.

Some of the complaints are things neither crossover can help. Because they are small and "entry-level" they can't ride as luxuriously as bigger SUVs nor are they built to the standards you expect from a luxury brand. While we agree that you should at least consider the XC60 over the XC40, what do you do if you're dead-set on a compact?

The little XC40 is criticized for looking sporty without driving the part. But comfort is usually at the top of every Volvo buyer's list of priorities, so we think CR is unjust. Also, we know the ride isn't as bad as in the stiffly sprung Jaguar model.

On the flipside, if you do want sporty handling from your jacked-up car, the E-Pace delivers some of that. The trade-off is that the interior build quality isn't the best. The leather seats are great, but hard plastics and Jaguar's finicky infotainment ruin the experience, not something you expect from a car that starts at $38,600.

It seems like neither model has a satisfactory gear selector either. Insufficiently refined 2-liter engines are also something these two have in common.

To sum things up, the Jaguar is fun to drive but not so well made while the Volvo is dull but better screwed together. Hopefully, the all-new Audi Q3 is going to be a little better. Otherwise, this small "luxury" crossover thing is going to deflate eventually.

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