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Cowasaki, the Bike Made of Bones

Among all the weird things we get to see every now and then, a motorcycle made from cow bones was definitely one of the last items on the list. However, in case you though the two-wheeler world was somehow lacking such a contraption, you can now rest assured: the Cowasaki is real and is up for grabs in Daytona.
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It’s not the first time when Florida-based Reese Moore, 65, creates new things from bones. He has made an 8-ft-tall (2.40 m) T-Rex for his kids back in 1995 and a bar in Daytona is now having it on display. He promised he would build a bone bike for the Bike Week one day, and it looks like he kept his promise.

Initially the bike project started more like a wager, as the bar’s owner said that a bone motorcycle was impossible to make. Little did he know that Moore was too ambitious to give up. He says that making a bone bike usually needs “three to four cow skulls, two to three alligator skulls, goat, wolf, raccoon, turtle, and pig bones. And two cow’s backs for the wheels.”

While some will think Reese Moore’s Cowasaki is simply off and rather gruesome, the creativity and artsy way of putting things together for such a build is simply awesome. Remember the badass bikes of 60's and 70's riding through the desert with cow skull and horns-adorned forks? They might just make a comeback!

The Cowasaki is for sale at Dunn’s Attic & Auction House in Ormond Beach, for $55,000 (€39,530). Moore has already started building a flying dinosaur for the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum, visordown reports.


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