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Couple Buys $1.3 Million Apartment on a Cruise Ship to Show Their Daughters the World

Traveling became one of the most important experiences to have during one’s lifetime, besides education. This couple wanted to show their daughters the world and so they bought a $1.3 million apartment on a cruise ship.
Storylines' Narrative Cruise Ship 8 photos
Storylines' Narrative Cruise ShipStorylines' Narrative Cruise ShipStorylines' Narrative Cruise ShipStorylines' Narrative Cruise ShipStorylines' Narrative Cruise ShipStorylines' Narrative Cruise ShipStorylines' Narrative Cruise Ship
Why buy an apartment on land when you can buy one on a ship and travel the world? This is what Beth and Mark Hunter thought. The couple’s plan initially was to buy a small yacht so they could sail with their daughters for a while and show them the world.

They even took lessons to chart boats, but they eventually learned that they would be spending a lot of time and money on the vessel, and it would leave them too little time to actually explore the world.

So, they found the best solution that would incorporate all their dreams: to buy an apartment on a cruise ship.

They splashed $1.3 million on a two-bedroom, two-bathroom complex on a residential ship called Narrative, which boasts 18 decks and it’s due to sail in 2024.

And it’s the perfect deal, Beth, 46, said via Metro: “Instead of a 50 ft (15 m) sailboat we’ll have a 700 ft (213 m) ship – quite the trade-up.

She added: “We’ll have plenty of time for exploration and adventures since everything is taken care of on board – we won’t have to deal with shopping, cooking, cleaning, or laundry.”

There’s no worrying about education either. The girls would be 14 and 16 when the ship will launch and will be able to take lessons in a “youth education program” on board.

The parents want to offer their girls a “global education” and also have friends and family join them on their travels. “We’ll be on board 13 weeks at a time, so the plan is to have people come visit for a couple of weeks here and there. We will also be making new friends in our new community, of course.

She added that they want to rent their house while they’re at their “holiday home,” so they would cover the mortgage and the annual fees on the ship by renting it for the remaining six months when they’re not sailing themselves.

Construction for Storylines' Narrative cruise ship began this year in Croatia. The vessel will offer 547 residences from one to four bedrooms. They have a price of approximately $7.9 million (£6 million) each, or the option for a lease of 12 to 24 years with prices starting from $393,000 (£300,000).

The vessel will include absolutely everything in terms of entertainment. There’s a library with over 10,000 books, a cinema, a garden farm, a microbrewery, and a spa.  There will also be 20 dining and bar venues, three pools, an art studio, a bowling alley, plus even a pet exercise area. 

There will also be a lot of options for sports, including a running track, a gym, a yoga studio, golf simulators, and a picket ball court. A medical center will also be on board Narrative.

Narrative will circle the globe every 1,000 days (almost three years) and will stop for several nights in ports, leaving the residents enough time to visit.

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