Coupe Styled Lexus NX? Not Even Once

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Well, since Toyota showed the people a compact semi-offroader is cool if you live in the city and casually need to climb some hills back in 1994, every automaker started to implement the concept to its lineup.
Now, the crossover is one of the fastest expanding segment in the auto industry and every one wants a slice. Moreover, automakers now have given up on making these vehicles square and bulky, adopting a more coupe-ish shape.

BMW started the trend with its X6 and has recently used the sleek arched roofline for the new X4. Moreover, Mercedes-Benz “took lesson” from them and the upcoming MLC looks to copy the shape pretty well.

That’s what people like, coupe shapes and the practicality of an SUV. Lexus recently unveiled its production ready NX crossover, but unlike its two other luxury competitors is not that arched at the back.

RM.Design just pictured how the NX would have looked like if the automaker would have used the same design language as its rivals. It might have been cooler in some clients’ eyes, but then let’s not forget Lexus wants to be the hipster of the luxury industry, coming with dubious grilles and LED lights.

So fitting in a certain pattern is surely not Lexus’ way now. It started by copying others, but the company got mature enough to come with its own neat things.

And truth is, the NX looks better in its actual bulky one-metal-piece-carved form. So please Lexus, don’t get any ideas. Just stay different.
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