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Could Suzuki Use the SV650 for a Neo-Retro Revival of Its Line-Up?

The SV650 Suzuki brought over at EICMA in November 2015 is and isn't new. It's not only our opinion that the model is in dire need of a heftier update, as its competition did, with Yamaha's recent MT family being probably one of the best examples.
The Yellow Weapon Cafe Racer 3 photos
The Suzuki Yellow Weapon Series Cafe-RacerThe Suzuki Yellow Weapon Series Scrambler
Still, the new SV650 is not a massively updated model, despite Suzuki's efforts to come up with a fresh bike. It does indeed look more modern than the previous incarnations, but we just cannot shake that slightly stale vibe about it. In a way, it's almost like Suzuki was afraid to let imagination run loose, going for a tamed and almost conservative look.

Bike designer Oberdan Bezzi anticipates things a bit and imagines a new direction Suzuki could follow, using the same recipe that proved out to be a highly successful move for Yamaha, namely, bolt-on kits.

That's right, Bezzi suggests that Suzuki could use external sources of ideas and collaborate with various bike designers, customizers and modders. They could come up with models derived from the new bike and that could look significantly better than the current model.

In any case, these bikes would certainly be a huge step for the SV650 platform, especially because they would meet the rather specific and even niche needs of more customers.

Oberdan Bezzi brings forth a cafe-racer and a scrambler derived from the current SV650. Every part is bolt-on, leaving the SV650 in a reversible state, yet so different from the stock trim. He even baptizes the new Suzuki category "The Yellow Weapon Series" to mark the special character of these machines.

Honestly, this looks entirely feasible, and we'd love to see Suzuki experimenting with such new directions, especially as they have already proven to be successful. Building on the faithful following of the SV650, why not exploit its potential to a greater (and more thrilling) extent, especially as the model is intended for a lengthy presence in the market, with its Euro 4 emission standard compliance.


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