Corvette ZR-1 Shreads Nurburgring Record

GM was right to call this monster the fastest car ever to leave their factory. This model seems to be tearing records left and right. And where better to stick it to the man than in Germany, on the Nurburgring, to show all those European cars who the boss really is.

First the Cadillac CTS-V tore up the tarmac to become the fastest sedan around the track in 7:59 and now the ZR-1 comes in to drive the stake deeper in the heart of European manufacturers with a time of 7:22 for the 13 miles of the Ring. This is a brand new record for the track, 4 seconds faster than the previous record.

That makes this car faster than the Ferrari Enzo, the Pagani Zonda and even the Maserati MC12 which is nothing short of amazing! The man behind the wheel was Jag Magnussen so at least the Germans retained some of their respect.

This certainly opens up new prospects and new feuds between the two sides of the ocean. Germans and Italians are even as we speak scrambling and scratching their heads to bring something new to the table.

Good as it may be, this record lap by the ZR isn't good enough to beat the time that the Dodge Viper ACR managed to pull around the track. The ZR's 7:22.4 is a bit short of the Viper's 7:22.1 which turns out to be the absolute best, at least in Germany.

Regardless, Corvette owners should be really proud right now and sales should soar after this news gets out for the ZR-1 model. If you don't have enough money to purchase one of the original Corvettes, don't worry, the LS9 V12 engine is going to become available as a crate solution starting with the autumn of 2009.
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