Corvette Crash Compilation Proves That Money Does Not Necessarily Buy Talent

Everybody knows those videos that have 'epic fail' or 'crash compilation' in their titles. Well, this is one of them and it's laden with way too exuberant Vette drivers. A most interesting endeavor, this type of YouTube footage is solid proof that money will buy you whatever car you want, but the driver's knack with the steering and pedal work is a thing of talent.
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In an ideal world, a performance vehicle such as the V8-powered Chevrolet Corvette would be the vehicle of choice only for those drivers that want the most rear-wheel drive lairyness without having to spend a lot of money for the privilege. And those drivers would know how to control a car on the raggedy edge of grip. In an ideal world, that is...

This is the real world and as we all know, the real world is full of Sunday drivers or that type of motorist that thinks he's got the talent to keep those hundreds of ponies in check. So naturally, a lot of high performance sports cars such as the Chevrolet Corvette get whacked because of their incompetence. It's okay to laugh when you watch the video below. Stupidity is one of the best sourced of amusement available on the world wide web. But we urge you to also seize the educational side of it.

Seeing all those crashes should help everyone realize just how fragile a vehicle is and how easy it is to press the loud pedal a bit too much or give the wheel an extra degree of steering. Things can go horribly wrong when you push a car without thinking ahead about potential errors from the driver. Therefore just click play, laugh all you want and don't forget to analyze just what those Vette drivers did wrong.

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